Why is it so hard to find a guy to date?

Its impossible in seems like. .


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  • Why is it impossible?

    • I dont know if it is it Just feels like it.

    • True, for me too. Like people come along but I don't know just not what im looking for

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  • LOL the guys are there, just finding one to your taste is the hard part, yes.


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  • I'll volenteer shoot

    • But we live in completely different continents. Sorry im not interested in long distance relationships

    • Lol its ok I was just kidding :)

  • who said its impossible? i am single:/

    • It Seems impossible* ;)

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    • Lol thanks! 😁

    • You're very welcome:D
      Do you have any plans in advance? for your birthday
      Hey by the way i must be first person that congratulated your birthday :P how luck you are.

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  • Omg trust me I know the feeling!!! It really sucks!! It really does happen when u least expect it! I'm single & I hate that term lol but it's so true! U just have to put yourself out there! Go to a social place where u can meet new people & be OPEN! Don't stand on the wall sipping on a drink with your arms folded! Look approachable lol & make eye contact with a guy ur interested in! & don't stay in the house! That's my problem! If I would get out more, I could find someone I guess lol!

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