Girls, How would you feel if your dated a 15 Year old?

So I am fifteen and go to early college. So I hang out with an older age group and been getting to know a girl who is 18. Basically how would you feel?


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  • I'd feel like a cougar. I would never date a young boy.

    • Guess I should of made it more clear, what if you were 18. Also keep in mind my maturity level is far beyond any of the other 15 year olds I know. No one thinks I am 15 until they asked or I tell them.

    • Well when I was 17 I was with a 15 year old. It didn't feel strange to me but my friends were surprised. It's good that you're mature though.

    • Alright thanks, I go to a college strictly so hanging around purely 17-20 year olds truly does improve upon my maturity level.

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