Where's good to take a girl who likes art to without it seeming too much like a date?

I want it to be more like hey, there's this event or something on here next week, do you wna come? Something casual and not too obvious you've planned something specifically for her.


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  • it depends on what events there is.
    if there is a cool exhibition, lecture or even workshop invite her in.

    • I don't know if there is.

    • check online.
      even if there is a artsy movie showing up.
      ermm, you could ask her to take classes with you too. it would sound casual.
      for instance photography. you can start talking about it and see if she s into it too.
      then say you want to take that course etc..
      this would give you much more personal time together

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  • I think you. Oils pull this off with an invite to an art museum. Just ask her if she has ever been to X museum , add that you haven't but heard it was worth checking out and you wondered if sh would be interested in joining

    • Sounds too much like a date.

    • This may be more difficult that I first thought. Let me grind some gears and get back to ya

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