Need help on my first ever date:D?

So yeah, tomorrow afternoon I have my first ever date and I'm really excited about it. My main question, might sound really stupid, but in wondering how I should great her. Like, with a handshake? A casual hug? No contact at all?
Other then that, if y'all have some tips for a first timer like me, feel free to tell me.


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  • NOO no handshake! Give her a hug. Just remember, she's already agreed to go on a date with you. That means it's not your job to impress her anymore, it's your job to not fuck it up. So as cliche as it sounds actually just go out there and have fun. Don't be afraid to hold her hand either. Keep the conversation flowing but don't feel like it's your job to do so (if she keeps giving you 1 word answers don't feel pressured to keep asking questions). But yeah best advice I can give is to not be nervous. Like I said she already likes you to some degree if she agreed to go on a first date. So just be natural.

    • damn, thanks man!
      really do appreciate your answer!

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  • Hug her, and then hold her hand... a handshake is asking to be put in the friend zone... do not I repeat DO NOT do that to yourself

    • holding her hand? on a first date? we never met in person before...
      thanks for the feedback!!:)

    • Yep... no problem:)

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  • lol, Don't handshake this isn't a job interview. A nice quick hug should be fine.

    Ok, Don't stare at her boobs, keep it on her face,
    Rather than formulating something edgy to say, listen to what she is saying and react accordingly. Show genuine interest even if she's just talking about how expensive gas is.
    If you are unsure to kiss after the date just go for a hug and a quick peck on the cheek.
    Lastly always smile. ALWAYS FUCKING SMILE.
    (Unless she talks about something harrowing)


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