I have a boyfriend but I am thinking about a guy who broke my heart?

so I had my heart broken last summer by a guy. He left my life for good and etc and I recently got into a relationship but when I'm with my boyfriend I don't think about this guy but when we not together I think about him and I think about him a lot. Like in the future he try to be with me etc and we be together. But I don't want that my gut telling me it will happen (I told my boyfriend this) and I don't want it I don't want him. I feel like I don't love him but I don't understand why he won't get out of my head help.


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  • I think you haven't fully healed over your ex. I think the way to move on is by getting rid of stuff that reminds you of him. Also be happy and don't dwell on the past. Don't let the ex consume your thoughts and mind. Clear your mind and don't focus on the ex. Enjoy your current boyfriend and be happy.

    • he not a ex and I don't have anything from him and I don't think of the past but he keeps coming in my thoughts and mind.

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    • he was trying to use me for sex and telling me and acting like he wanted a relationship when he never did.

    • Oh ok. So he was playing games and didn't want nothing serious. I don't think he is completely out of your system. I think with time you can forget about him. If he still pops up in your mind then that means he is still in your sub conscious. Just be happy with your boyfriend and also focus on things you like to do and what makes you happy. Also try to stay busy and with time you should forget about him.

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