Does my tattoo artist like me?

He is really nice to me and actually invited me to his friends Thanksgiving as his guest. He always sends smiley faces in his texts to me and seemed like he was nervous around me. Always smiled at me. However at his friends house, he backed off from me once all his friends started asking if I was "with" him. I let them know he was just nice and invited me because I have no family in this city but he still seemed squeamish at that. He was gravitating towards me at first but in the end of the party, he started keeping his distance from me. I wonder if he liked me and changed his mind or if he is just embarrassed. Apparently he has told all of his friends that he doesn't date and no longer sees girls that way. I was fine. I made new friends. But I am very confused about what his feelings towards me are


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  • Match made in heaven

    • So do you think he is interested in me or not? And is this sarcasm or no?

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