I've meet this really cute nice guy on here and I think I might be falling for him. Is that possible?


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  • Ldr is difficult. So.

    • Have u tried it?

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    • All good signs... but being in a distanced one... is stressful... very. Im sorry.

    • Mmm thanks...

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  • It is possible... It's just it's going to be really difficult depending how far he is from you. But, you are not alone... I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of people who have fallen for guys/girls online. :)

    • Thanks for your answer. Yeah he lives pretty far away but I haven't felt a connection like that in a while. Only once before and I sure don't want to miss a chance this time again...

    • No problem! I've seen people who are in a long distant relationship and both being in different countries. I'm actually in one too! We are both in different states but, it has never stopped me from loving him and wanting to be with him. So, I say if you don't want to miss the chance you should go for it! :)

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