Latinos, would you date someone who used to be racist against latinos?

They used to like them better than all the other races. And this is backed up by psychology that if you pretend or think a certain way long enough , you'll believe it and will no longer be pretending, itll be who you are.

so there was a phase where they would make mexican jokes a lot and eventually it happened, from the basis of pychology they actually started getting racist towards them because of it. Theyre back to normal now but they hated latinos for two years. But theyre fine now. Would it be a problem
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  • No if they told me
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  • No if they told me, if you actually are fine i say dont say anything
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  • Yes
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  • Yes but it would make me uncomfortable if they told me that
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  • Yes but if you are honesetly fine dont say anything about it
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  • Im not latino
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Most Helpful Girl

  • no I would kinda be scared... I am latino... and if you have something against me for something i didn't pick it would feel threaten...


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  • I'm not Latin but I would date someone who used to have prejudice


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  • If he doesn't think like that anymore then I wouldn't mind. I'm latina, but I'm sure some girls wouldn't be fine with it.

  • what is latino?


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