Where can I find a gamer girlfriend?

i am 15 and mad about games but i always have a feeling for a girl in my heart (more than mastercheif) but i whant to know where i can go and find a gamer girlfriend?


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  • Why don't you focus on yourself?
    Focus on begin happy and doing things you love sure enough you will bump into her!

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    • one mayor problem, games dont release fast enough xD
      also i wanna play games :D

    • @TheGamingOne yeah its a good though and idea!

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  • you just need to talk to girls, the split is actually 50/50 now of boys who like games, and girls who like games, just talk to girls about this stuff, have fun and enjoy the conversation (obviously don't just jump in with "do you like games?") but wean it into conversations, you'll actually find that a lot of girls like games just like guys do, and if you like a girl that doesn't, it doesn't mean you can't introduce it to her, you never know, you might be able to DIY. either way, good luck!


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  • I am 23. I am a gamer girlfriend :D
    I don't think is that hard finding one especially around your age.

    • Where are you girls hiding!, I DEMAND A ANSWER!

    • @TheGamingOne In my house - paying... so maybe this is why you can't find or see me XD
      ( when my female friends go to disco I find an excuse and stay home gaming :DD, but except this I have normal live, I am not fully nerd :DD)

    • Damm thiere hiding :/ in plain sight...
      avoid going out...
      How am i supposed to find a excuse to talk/find gamer girls then, THIS IS MENTAL ABUSE I TELL YOU

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