I don't know what to do about her?

My girlfriend has a major lying problem. She lies to me and everyone else constantly. Sometimes it will be something small and completely pointless to lie about, like asking what she's doing and then she lies, or it will be something big that she shouldn't about like a guy almost raping her... I don't know if it's for attention or not... I don't think she tries to but I can't trust anything that she says... I know she'd never cheat on me but she lies about everything... Not just with me either... I just don't know why or what to do


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  • She has a problem. Most people lie for about 3 reasons 1. denial 2. To stall and 3. attentuon/exageration.
    To me it could be a attention thing. Reason said is she will go as far to dramatizing something serious like rape. This usually makes people feel bad and comfort someone. And she may like that attention whether she needs that much attention or she didn't get enough as a child I don't know.
    She may be a compulsive liar as well.

    In that case maybe it's best you ask her to
    get help whether it's counseling or something.

    Or do what most people do and show her that her lies come with a consequence. if you know she's lying it doesn't matter if her mom your friends or stranger is in front of you guys. Call her out on it.


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  • Some people lie even for such a trivial thing and even you are really good friends for a long time. What's the point right? Some really cares for their image a lot that they forget to ask is it really needed to lie?

    in my opinion, she is confuse with herself or isn't really present to herself. Her mind could be wandering off or think about something else that made her say that. The raping thing could be an exaggeration. How did she say it like is it just for sharing or as a problem? I don't know, there are just girls who exaggerate a lot but when you know her personally and what really happened, you just respond saying okay, she is exaggerating. do u get what i mean? hehe

    You can't helped thinking if she is lying or not whenever you talk to her. That's just how it is. Either you just ignore it and keep being friends or stop being her friend? I have few girl friends like that and I chose to just ignore it. Tho, I kinda kept a distance and feel that she doesn't trust me, esp when I found out she said a diff thing to other people.

  • Confront her about her lying.

    • I did. She promised she'd stop. But nothing changed

    • Give her an ultimatum about it. She needs to stop

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