Whats your way of asking someone out?


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  • My way with a guy would be first to introduce myself with the cute big warming smile I have, and be really nice. For a few days we'd get to know each other and if i find myself interested in him I'd ask for his number/snapchat/kik. Though it's "not normal" for a girl to take the first move buy guys can be shy too. By the way, that's mainly how I have a boyfriend now

    • yeah, definitely guys can be shy i used to be shy or at least whwn im really into a girl ill get shy ik some girls would say why but i hate getting rejected by a girl i like which has happened to me before but yeah, good answer

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  • "Do you wanna hang out on Friday"

    And then we just hang out and not date.

  • Good question. I would just say, "Hey. Would you like some dinner or hang out?"


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