Ladies -was this a flirtation?

I was in the club, Halloween, looking at my phone with my mates at the toilet, when this girl in costume came up to me and told me to check myself in as I could win dinner for two. I said I already had earlier and showed her, she asked to see and put it in again herself, which I thought a bit forward as she was pressing into me while doing it. I thanked her anyway. Shortly after when my fiends were there she came over- I wanted to avoid another hard-sell so went to the toilets. I was pretty surprised later to see she wasn't staff but out with a party oh girls. She ignored me anyway. What I can't grasp is- was this a frankly bizarre flirtation or just an eager Good Samaritan? It seems so random. One mate says one thing, the other another. I'd like to know what others, particularly women, think.
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Well- it's 3-1 in favour so far.

Bothered me because it was so unusual- tricky one to read.
If she'd been a bit more straightforward- it was definitely an odd one.
Thanks for the Poll- it does show it wasn't straightforward but it does see like a yes.

A few comments from women would've been more insightful.

Thanks :-)


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  • You are a douchebag. :) she was obviously flirting with u and when u did not respond... she took it as insult and ignored u...

    • To be fair it wasn't very straightforward as the poll points out.
      I thought she was staff- it's an odd approach any way you look at it.

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