Will there any chance for me?

Hi my dear GAG friends, Hope you all are fine. My story is big enough to explain. But I am explaining short to tell my situation now. Suddenly she decided we no need to talk hereafter. I came to know the real reason in last month (my birthday). Someone advised to her dont talk with him. So she didn't talk with me. Now her ex boyfriend got a official permission from her dad to marry her. I didn't get any call from her after that. But she told that she dont like her ex. If I call also she is not attending my phone calls. Her whatsapp status "Miss u". What does that mean? What move should I give now?


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  • She seems like a confused person or something is very messed up.

    If her marriage is decided and she doesn't like her ex then it's her chance to take. She will have to stand up for her own. You can't do much I am afraid.
    I would suggest you to try and move on.

    • If I move will she feel happy? If she happy I ll do anything...

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    • :) :) :) :)))) Thanks buddy

    • You are welcome :)

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