Can you love someone too much?

Like, it doesn't matter what they do, how much they hurt you. How much they've cheated, you still forgive them and always try to see the good in them...
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  • Its okay to love someone this much?
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  • Give up on this douche and find someone better!
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  • It means you probably do not love yourself enough to walk away from the situation. How can you love someone if you can not love yourself? I'm not saying that you do not love yourself but that's my answer to your question. I do not think it's love that you feel for him.

    • He's my best friend, we get along great he just sucks at being a boyfriend and we can't really be apart from each other for long.. I don't know. But yes you're right. I don't love myself enough.. I just don't know how to leave him. Its hard :/

    • Being needy and clingy pushes men away

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