My friend and I like the same guy. Help?

I think my friend and I like the same guy. I liked him for a while but never told her because I don't feel like I can trust her since I think she likes him and she also told me they were messing around in the past ( if he liked her he would pursue her right? And he knows I'm not the easy hooking up type) I want to know if I should let her have him or should I still talk to him. I'm def not gonna fight over him because no man is worth that. He does show signs that he's interested in me because he asks me questions such as:if I'm talking to anyone, my preference etc. He also talks about personal stuff and often invites himself over to my apartment. Opinions?


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  • 1- chicks before dicks
    2- whoever liked him 1st has dibs. if they hooked up before you liked him, she has rights. if she and him don't like each other still, it's your ball game.

    • I liked him first and they hooked after I liked him.

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  • My opinion is for you to wait I had the same problem until the guy me and my friend liked asked me out. This way it shouldn't cause anything bad to happen


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  • Well since you don't like the guy than don't worry about him. I mean do you live with friend? If not than don't let him in your home... change key!

    • I still like him and no I don't live with the friend. He'll say something like oh let me come over or something like that.

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    • Well one of the times he invited himself over he seemed nervous or out of it. I called him out on it and eventually he loosened up. And you made a good point. Thanks!

    • Okay hope i help!

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