How can I find my lover?

I've never tried video chatting with a girl , I wish i could find one from anather country , then we can talk , sharing stories and of course we love each other , , Maybe the distance between us makes our love story better then other one because i'll miss her and we'll waiting for the day to see each other , But how can i find her?


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  • No maybe you need to get a job or a career or something that drives passion to you or join a club that you care... Then you meet the girl !

    • I'd like to have relationship with someone from another country

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    • @HookingSwan I've tried but i don't like them at all , May be one day i'll surprised !

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  • Why would you want a long distance relationship? Something wrong where you came from?

    • As i said the distance makes us waiting for the day to see each other , so our love is gonna be stranger with all this days

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  • long distance relationship it's like Nokia cell phone, when battery died you're off... out of range.

  • You start participating on forums, chats, online communities.
    Talk, talk and talk, people may get closer, may ask your contacts, may start a relationship.

    It's the normal path.


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