Is there ever a time that you can dislike a girl so much that she's not even worth having sex with either?

Several months ago, there was a girl with a spoiled personality. She was a virgin with this holier than thou attitude, attention seeker, heavy smoker, bragged about not knowing how to cook and wouldn't even offer to split to the bill after 4 dates (I understand the 1st date and maybe 2nd but afterwards, I think she's suppose to make an effort).

Funny part is I heard her speaking to a friend about the importance of being a virgin; as if that's the only thing that makes her interesting. Initially just base on physical appearance, she was an 8 but afterwards, she became an ugly 3 to me.

That was the first time I met a girl I ended up disliking so much, so much to the point of not even considering her as a fling nor friends with benefits. I've only had 2 FWB's and even for that, the girl has to be someone you like at least, someone nice.
Even if that girl were to say ''take my virginity'', I would be so turned off by then and be like ''no way, I don't even like you''.


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  • Oh yeah. Hate red is a real feeling


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