Should I be disappointed with my boyfriend?

My boyfriend gave me silver plated bracelet on my 18th birthday, Should I tell him I'm upset with it and like it looks like it's very cheap with beads on it :( I feel like I'm not worth spending money for him..


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  • Computer parts are expensive and really count towards performance. I think a silver bracelet is more than most 18 year kids deserve as a gift. He could of just gotten you a teddy bear or flowers

    • I don't mind really but it kinda feels like I'm not worth spending money for him, he gave me plated bracelet.. I would much appreciate if it's teddy bear or flowers

    • So what it comes down to it... you just don't like the gift? Isn't it the thought that counts?

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  • It's the thought that counts, not the amount of money he spent on you.

    • But the thing is he would spent $100+ for his computer and games and will give me plated bracelet for my 18th :(

    • Maybe he saw it and thought you would like it. So that's what he got for you.

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  • How long have you been together? Does he have a job?

    • 8 months, that's the first thing he gave me and no but they are rich, he would spent $100+ just for his computer, so I think he doesn't care about money

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    • You can tell him that you didn't really like the present but I wouldn't bring up the money thing. That's terribly uncouth.

    • Thanks :)

  • What did you get for his birthday?

    • I got it from Guess, 2 shirts and 1 hoodie

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