What would you all do?

So I was talking to this girl on a dating site. And she said she's 18 weeks pregnant. She was ingaged before when she found out she was pregnant and the guy left her. Would you guys date you and take on the kid? She's 23 and I'm 21. I'm also a Christian and don't want people thinking it was mine. I would take it as my own as a parent type though.


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  • I wouldn't date a person with a child, but that's just me.

    • Can I ask why not?

    • I wouldn't want the responsibilities that came along with it.

    • Thanks. For the replies

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  • Depends how you feel towards her? I think you should give it time. Meet up with her, get to know her, and decide if you think she and all her baggage is worth it for you

    • Thanks. I guess my biggest fear is if it doesn't work out because she's wanting some one she can trust.

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    • Thanks for the help. I'll keep talking to her

    • Okay, no problem

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