Girls, Why would you find a guy "Handsome" , but not find him appealing or attractive?

Your personal opinion.


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  • Usually if I find someone attractive i'm attracted to them. If I say someone's "handsome" but i'm not "appealing", it means he's over-average looking but not enough for me personally to fall for him.

    • Thanks :) so what is the reason the "handsome" guy is not appealing?

    • Personally, even if I find someone attractive, I don't actually start liking them till I get to know them. If I see an attractive guy, I might whisper to my friend, "he's cute", but that would be it. I don't know about other girls, but to me, if a guy is "appealing", it has more to do with his talents, personality, etc. rather than his looks - but if he's appealing both personality/talent, etc.-wise AND physically, well that's even better ;)

    • cool !!

      So if you don't find a guy attractive , but think he is 'handsome" , does that mean his personality is bad?

  • Maybe his personality, life pursuits, or the way l he dresses.


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