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Long story short i had a girl in my class she's hot. We never really talked and keep in mind she had plenty time to make a move. Well we now graduated. She barely added me on ig. Lately she's been liking my last pics and sometimes comments on my stuff i post. It was my bday last night. She said "we should take our cars out for a spin & wow nice exhaust you have on your car *in love emoji face". I also wrote a post saying "kinda want a babe & kinda dont" and she liked it. I've had gfs in the past im not ugly but like i saud she had plenty time. When my friend asked her about me she said "hes a cool guy, friend".

Could she like me? Or im just a friend?


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  • Its hard to say. Only she know the answer so why can't you just ask her. She seems shy since she like your pictures but never really talk to you in person. My guess but i am not is that she likes you and she was too shy to tell you or start a converstation.


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