So im interested in this guy lets call him Bryan. Im pretty sure he's into me, not 100%. He seems like he's shy when his friends are not around. So Bryan is friends with a guy lets call him Kevin. Well I didn't talk to Kevin at all besides seeing him all the time in the hallway. It was mostly awkward eye contact and maybe he thought it was more than that because his friends started teasing him about me. Kevin started looking at me a lot, mostly just staring at me. He tried talking to me countless times and his friends urged him on. They would be loud and open about everything. My friend noticed and would say he's a creep because they were INTENSE stares. I don't know.. it seems like he's not over it still. He started hanging around where I do and continues to stare at me. I jist found out they were friends. They dont hang out during school and they dont seem like really close friends but they seem like they talk every once and a while. Do you think there will be problems if I end up showing Im interested in Bryan?


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  • Oh a love triangle! My recommendations are: get it straight with Kevin asap. Be straight forward and direct. Keep it simple. Don't leave things half assed.

    Boys are a little bit self centered and extremely prideful. At times they think it's the world and not them. The longer you let a guy stewing on his thoughts the worse it will get. You have to knock him out before he can no longer back down.

    There are ways you can let a guy back down. The easiest is to be claimed by another guy. So ask Brian out and make it public. If Kevin has a brain, he will withdraw automatically. The other way is to wait for Kevin to approach you and politely decline. 'You are a nice guy but I don't think I am the right girl for you' type of decline woild be best. However, if he doesn't have the balls to make a move then you will be left in limbo.

    • Yeah Im thinking of making it clear that I'm going to make it obvious I'm into Bryan when I go back to school. Kevin doesn't know Im interested in him because he hasn't seen us at all. I bet he doesn't even know im interested in him or anything. It's odd because Kevin has a girlfriend and she hates me for no reason at all.
      She's definitely caught him staring and yells at him for it. I don't know what to do at all. Like I can't go up to him and he has a girlfriend (i thought that would make him move on). It didn't. Should i make sure he sees us together then? Thank you soo much for the response:)

    • Haha sorry i just realized i made no sense.

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