If a guy who likes you tells you about other hot girls he's talking to?

So he's definitely into and he always makes comments about how attracted he is to me whatever and then the other day he threw in a "you're definitely my fave out of all the girls im talking to right now"

like what? I played it cool cause I am talking to other guys too.. but does that mean he doesn't take me seriously? Why say something like that?


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  • To be a douche. To make it seem like he's Mr. Hot Shit and that you're the one facing competition.

    Statements like that, if made seriously, provide a really unfortunate insight into a person. If you were family to me, my unequivocal advice to you would be not to waste your time.


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  • Just because he is interested in you, it doesn't mean he is not sexually attracted to other girls as well.


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  • what the fuck? get out of there... that's a red flag that he's not looking for something serious (Not sure if you are, but if you are this is a huge no-no)


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