My boyfriend suddenly disappeared. What do I do?

We dated for a week and then we weren't able to meet for around 20 days. We made plans on texts to meet up but the plans got cancelled. All this while, he called just once As he said the mic of his phone wasn't working. The max no. Of days that gone when he hadn't texted were 2 days at a stretch.
Initially he was very much into me. He wanted sex and I wasn't ready for it nonetheless he said he wanted to date me. We would hang out a lot and had gud fun. He is 9 years older to me and has a history of being a casanova while I have just dated one guy for 2 years before him. He said he wanted to have a serious relationship and didn't wanna goof around. However, He had not got committed to me cause he said he needed time as he was under a financial turmoil and needed time to sort himself out. He said once he got a house of his own, he would think about us and hence I decided to give him time and space by not pestoring too much. Nonetheless he was sweet and warm in his texts although
We made plans of meeting up the next day and he sent me a text in the morning saying he'll be there tomorrow. I waited for him for 1.5 hrs at the decided place the next day but he never turned up. His phone is switched off, he has been offline on whatsapp and fb eversince then. He doesn't reply to the texts. I tried calling on his mom's phone but it went unanswered. We hadn't made our relationship public so I can't turn up at his home. I sent him an email last evening and no replies yet. I don't know if he is alive or dead. He just disappeared. Its now been a week. I do not know what's happening. Its frustrating and every second is difficult to breathe. What do I do?


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  • Looks like he wanted sex, and since you didn't agree, he doesn't want to date you. You dodged a bullet, so chill! :)


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