Opinions on growing thicker skin after 1st date (hard) rejections?

Had a girl surplisingly spurn me on a 1st date tonight. She was laughing and smiling the beginning/middle of the date. I can't remember any awkward moments, but she got really ancy at the end. She cut it short saying "I need to get home because the roads are getting bad". This was semi true, it was a cold night and it was lightly snowing. She then walked really fast to her car and did not even consider turning around and at least giving me a goodbye hug. I then asked her to text me when she got home safe. No text and I also noticed she unmatched me on tinder a half hour later. Admittely I was already swiping for other girls (way of moving on quick from a slight I just got).

Besides joking that she should kiss me if she lost the pool game I made absolutely no sexual jokes/innuendos during the date. I never was physically aggressive. Although we did joke around a little bit about innuendos when we texted earlier. She was even my apartment briefy before we went to play pool. I did absolutey nothing suggestive when we were alone. Would a simple off handed joking comment be enough to creep some girls out? I guess so.

Anyway I know some people aren't going to like you no matter what you look like, what you say or do. Her loss, fuck her, next!, etc. I get it. However this one stung a bit initially. I have had past dates were I said/acted really stupid and the girl was obviously not happy to be in my presence but even those girls at least gave me a goodbye hug. Ninety percent of them would text me when they got home safe... even I never heard from them again after that.

I'm trying to grow a thicker skin (taking advice from Corey Wayne and Doc Love) when a girl spurns me by complete surprise. It's different when I see it coming... but these out of nowhere ones get to me sometimes. I know that EVERYBODY will get rejected at some point or another. However as a man what is good way to roll with


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  • Start doing exercises.


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