Why do girls just stop talking to me all of a sudden?

Every girl I have talked to always just ends up ignoring me for some reason. I never do or say anything bad. For instance this one girl I was talking to says in super handsome and we talked a little bit and I asked her on a date. Today I was trying to setup a date and all day I have not gotten a repsonse. I guess I should just forget about her too. This happens everyone and it's just getting really depressing.


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  • Like I've said to many others on here with the relating questions

    You need to focus on yourself and find what you love in life... don't focus on girls, and you will find the one at the right time in your life. Every good thing takes time.. It hurts when we want someone who doesn't want us, but some things in life are that way and we have to accept it. Get over it and try your best to better yourself everyday.

    • The whole focus on yourself makes no sense to me

    • Why not? When I mean focus on yourself I mean you should do things that make you happy... No one else can make you happy but yourself. When we don't look for love, that's when we seem to find it. Its human nature to want love and to be loved :-)

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