Guys, I want sex but he doesn't, is it me?

I have been with my boyfriend 3 years. We have a new born. When we met, of course we had sex a lot. Four months into our relationship it started to decrease. I am very sexual so I am always THROWING myself at him but he just pushes me away. If I try to cuddle he makes excuses and says he needs time to relax and to give him space. We have sex maybe twice a month. I try everyday. I feel like its me. He tells me he loves me. That its not me. I ask him if he isn't attracted to me no more, he says he thinks im sexy. I sure dont feel like that though. What should I do? I try to get frisky or sexy or just intimate with him but nothing works! Has he just lost all interest in me?


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  • The thing with these situations is that you probably have had differing sex drives all along. Yet, since the relationship was new, he was in the mood more. Now that you've been through a lot, it's probably normal order restored as well as things like work, having a child, and always being in the same groove can stifle sex drives even more.


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