Met this girl. Things were great but randomly stopped talking to me?

So this girl had messaged me off tinder. We talked joked etc. I got her number and after texting for a few days we met up at some restaraunt i never been too but either way it was great, we laughed joke around flirted. After it was over she told me she had a great time an told me she wanted to see me again. I agreed. Few days rolly by an we still texting constsntly. She was nice she'd text me at work telling me cute messages like "cant wait to see you again. Hope your working hard lol". Stuff like that but them she started to text me less like it would take her a couple hours to respond. I thought she was busy but she did it for the next 3 days. 1 of the nights she messaged me after a few hours drunk saying how she hates how guys treated her and how her ex was horrible. I said what i could to calm her down. She said "your honestly so great wish i can't wait to see you again". I told her whenever i had off from work we would. She just said okay. After that she did the samething answer me every 5 hours or so. I stopped answering. She texted me the next morning tell me good morning and hope i slept well. I anwsered back but she didn't reply at all after. Day later she removed me off tinder. Weird. Like she constantly texted me saying how cute and funny or awesome i was then this randomly happens. Why would she do that? Im was bit surprised.


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  • Tinder, I think in honesty she just hooked up with someone else for whatever reason


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