I never feel like I'm good enough for any guy, I dated average guys and very good looking guys but I always have that same empty feeling in me, why?


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  • We all feel like that at certain points. For several years, I used to feel that I am not good enough for women due to my looks. Now, I have shed the extra weight and have improved my looks, and get told that I'm attractive. But I still feel that no woman would give me a chance, due to my ethnicity. Men of my ethnicity are loathed by women all over the world, and we're usually considered the least attractive race of men.

    For people like you and me, we can just hope that this feeling of worthlessness will eventually pass, and maybe someone would be kind enough to give us a chance, or accept us as we are.

    Keep your hopes up! :)

    • I'm Columbian and white... I'm skinny have green eyes with a little dark skin... Every where I go people stare... Guys ask me out all the time at a point where it's creep, but that feeling is always there and I hate it

    • So you seem to be doing well in the looks department, and men are showing interest in you. Besides, your race/ethnicity is favourable to you as well. So it's only a matter of choosing the right man and discarding the rest.

      Stop being paranoid, you do have things going for you. It's just a matter of time, so keep your chin up! My situation is FAR worse than yours, but I'm somehow still hanging on to a tiny glimmer of hope. :)

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