Need advice please whats ok on a first meeting with this women from a dating site who now says it's a friendly catch up?

Hi guys/girls, I met this women on a dating site a week ago or so. We've got along really, really well. Lots of fun, flirty messaging. So she agreed to go out with me, but on one of her last messages she's like "So just to clarify its a friendly catchup cause I prefer to get to know someone first before consider dating them". Is she just being really cautious?

My main question though is what is acceptable on the date in terms of physical contact? I'm guessing an end date (sorry catchup haha) kiss is off. So what about other things like hugging when we meet, or touching her arm lightly for example? I don't want to just act like 2 mutual friends and then not be able to go anywhere with her cause we click really well.


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  • You can hug her. Nothing beyond that.


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