Girls, should I wait for a girl to make the first move?

I am a shy guy. I have never made a move on a girl in my whole life. I feel that if I attempt to, I'll be really bad at it as I have no experience and even the most experienced guys get rejected.

Would it be wise to just wait for a girl to make the move? I become less shy when I warm up to someone :]


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  • Hi! you have answered my post hours ago. anyway, girls can be shy too and i have noticed when a girl makes the first move, the guys either step back or be cocky. I don't know for guys, but we appreciate guys who approach us girls. Be positive, if other guys guys can do it, so can you. Besides, we are all after the same goal which is to find a partner. Girls feels awkward too when a guy approaches them so you aren't just the one being anxious. Also guys who make a move tend to score a date with women although this is subjective to interests.

    • I wouldn't step back or act cocky. I would embrace her courage. Anyway my question is, should I wait for a girl to approach me?

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    • I know and you're right, but waiting would not be absolute disasterful? Anyway I'm not sure what you mean, it's half my choice and half theirs to make things work? :]

    • i mean you can choose the girl to pursue and make her fall for you... that is on beginning where you initiates then half/half :D

  • I would just be friends with the person if im shy.. and take efforts to do mutual activties in groups and such. there's nothing wrong with waiting when i really like someone enought ill write them a note.. haha. thats how i know ill actually do it.. although i think verbally saying it is a bit braver. anywho nothing wrong with waiting, but it may take a while. be who you are and if you like someone enough im sure itd rub off eventually or youd realize its worth the awwkward moment of saying it just because you want them to know. I. am no expert though I've only had one relationship myself. good luck sorry i coudnt be more informing.


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