I always lose at this stage- what do I do?

i got some girls number, i was talking to her for like 15 minutes before asking for it. we have great chemistry and get along really well.

i asked for her number and told her i wanna get a drink with her sometime, she said okay cool and gave it to me.

the following day (yesterday) i called her and she didn't answer. what should i do? i'm pretty sure this is just a game but.. what if i call her again and she doesn't answer and then later on she gets back to me. what do i do then? and what do i do now?


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  • Try again after a few days. If she still doesn't answer, then give up.


What Guys Said 1

  • Assume they're busy and they'll return the call later... otherwise think fuck it... don't wanna come across desperate for that hoe


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