Has a girl ever changed her mind while you remained friends?

Keep in mind my age group, 18-24

Anyway does anyone have stories of a girl saying "Sorry i just wanna be friends", the normal guy says "sure no problem" then later she changes her mind and develops feelings for you? This is also assuming it is a girl the normal guy sees on a daily basis

cause everytime a guy gets friendzoned, everyone else just tells him to go no contact to both build some attraction, and to move onto a diff girl in the mean time

Are there situations where its completely hopeless? ie not the girls type physically? anything else where its hopeless?

very curious on the answers. thanks all!
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  • I have developed feelings for someone who I had only considered a friend for a while. It was the product of how close of friends we had become I think.

    I wouldn't count on that in many cases, but I don't think the "friend zone" is real so much as just something women say to mean they aren't attracted to a particular man. Since it isn't a real place, it's quite possible to leave it. ;)

    That said, it's probably best to respect her wishes to only be friends and not hang around hoping for more. You're more likely to get hurt and less likely to find someone else who is right for you. I wouldn't count on keeping your distance to build any attraction either, but it could be better for you in the long term.

    • By attraction you just mean physical attraction right? Lots of times girls find me funny and go out of there way to talk to me, which is something they would want in a boyfriend too obviously

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    • "It can be a different set of things for each different woman."

      Like what? all i can think of is physical (how they look and smell, etc) and personality (whether you get along with them or not, aka chemistry)

    • Different women find different things physically attractive, and different women also find different personality traits attractive. There's a lot of room for variety.

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  • She will only do that when she realize she is getting old and can't attract the guys she is attracted to anymore because she is losing out to the younger girls. This generally occurs as women near their 30's and then she is basically picking you out of desperation not love.


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  • yes but when a girl changes her mind, usually the guy is not on the same page anymore

    • what causes the girl to change her mind? kinda looking for those kinda answers too. is it remaining in contact and continuing to be close friends? something else im missing you can share?

    • it can be different things and depends on how the guy acts after. Pm me

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