What should you talk about the second time you hang out with a girl?

I don't really have dating experience.


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  • anything. ask her a lot of questions about herself since you're still in the getting to know each other period


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  • Think spontaneously about the moment. If you find yourself thinking "what sounds fun" - don't ask her, show her. Then while you are showing her what sounded fun, you can hold a conversation about what your doing.

    Example: (You both go to the ice skating rink and skate around)

    You: "You know, when I was growing up I never imagined being on an ice-rink, but this is rather relaxing - what do you think"

    Asking questions that are so open ended like that- provide you insight into their opinion (the way they FEEL or think) that can help guide you (using your judgement) on what to do next. For instance, if the girl says "Im cold" you talk to her about her recent vacation to hawaii WHILE embracing her. Now she is warm, you're both talking about a warm place, and you both get to bond while she feels secure (while holding each other- she feels secure; while talking about her life- you both bond and share experience)

    Good luck amigo~


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