Dating a 21 yr old guy I'm 29 yr old woman, I want to seriously date him, should I let it go or see what happens?

I've been dating this 21yr old guy for about 5 weeks now, I like him our first date was so much fun bowling, yesterday he asked me if i would hv a serious relationship with him even tho he's younger (like hypothetically) i said yes if he respects me and stuff, we aren't exclusive yet but I've met his family, his dad asked me a lot of inquiring questions (I'm basically the type of woman) he wants his son with. I really like this guy but last night on our date he seemed kinda distant didn't hold me hand well yeah did in the theater & said little things like "not too much pda" but he was affectionate, I don't know I'm used to being in a real relationship. we haven't had sex yet I told him I wanna get to know him better he respects that, we makeout, dry hump etc. I don't want to do it quick and then never here from him again. but last night I was laying in his bed, after we went out he was on the phone right in front of me with another girl, than he'd leave the rm but I knew it was a girl. At first I didn't say anything than it was getting to me, he said he didn't wanna be rude but he was! he knew I was feeling some type of way, than I said I was leaving, he went to kiss me I turned away he said don't be like that. when he walked me out he kissed me on the forehead, I know I'm analyzing everything but I need to be respected I feel if he was that into me he wouldn't be so freaking rude, or am I overreacting? I need advise on this one.


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  • Yes you should stay the course if your gut feeling says it is right thing for you, I have found that in the dating circle and also life.. age is only a number.. being happy with one's self and the person involved with you at the time is a far far more greater feeling then what ever your age may be concerned about

    • Okay thank you he's also "talking to someone else" which I don't like but it was before me, what about that other stuff?

    • he may be talking to someone else and you may feel hurt by it but there may not be nothing going on at all.. he may be just a talker.. but sit down with him one day or night and ask him about it and point blank ask him am I the one you want.. and I hope he does not lie to you about it.. but it may be that you are the only one he wants.. I really hope it all works out for you

    • Hey thanks so much I actually talked to him already this afternoon, he apologized and admitted it was wrong which meant a lot to me. Plus me and him go on dates and have kissed etc, I know he hasn't done that with that other girl and I hope he stays dating me and things get further and stronger with us. thanks for your thoughts

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  • Umm he was probably taking baby-steps with you. I think you're overreacting. The guy seems interested in you.


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