Please help guys? :( what I've read has just broke me?

Please help guys? :( what I've read has just broke me....? My ex and I recently split and yeah, I know he's allowed to flirt with other girls now. But I just came across this and it's totally broke me :(.

he's the grey and she's the blue. I'm guessing that he's talking about having sex with her... tonight? It says night out and everything :(

whats your take on it?


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  • I'm really sorry that your heart was broken. I know how badly it hurts and seeing this probably doesn't help at all but you need to cut off contact with this guy. Delete him from your social media's, his phone number, all of it and try to move on. Seeing this stuff isn't going to help at all and is only going to make the pain the worse. Go hang out with your friends or family, begin a new hobby, focus on school or work. Anything to get your mind away from him.

    • Thank you very much :) :) x

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  • Block, delete, move on, forget, heal. It's difficult but you're no longer together so who he sleeps with is unfortunately none of your business but you can choose to move on. It's hard I know but you'll heal eventually and find someone worth being with. But blocking and deleting will prevent you from seeing stuff like this in future.

    • I know you're right. it just hurts to actually see. Was I right in interpreting this text as I have?

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    • *site*

    • Weird? But yeah good riddance! And thank you for MHO :)

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  • Get far away from this. It breaks all our hearts. I've been through this too years ago and it still hurts. Just be upset, be sad with friends. I know a good man will find you :) Over time you'll think less and less of this and eventually never.

    • Thanks very much, those kind words help! x

  • I wouldn't pay any attention to it even though it's hard to let people go, I'd just put to the back of your mind and not think about it

  • Your ex?

    My take is that it isn't any of your damn business, first off.

    Second, you are only hurting yourself by following up on him. Stop. Stop altogether. 100% drop him off your radar. Delete all of his contact information, social media, etc. Everything.

    Put your mind elsewhere. You're not only violating his privacy, you are self-harming. Stop.

    • Well I NEED to know if he's just messing around with me or not. We still talk and just last week he was flirting with me! Since he won't give me any answers I need to figure them out for myself. I'm

    • You don't need to know... because you need to cut him out of your life altogether. You can't handle having him around. Cut him out of your life. Pretend he died and stop talking to him altogether, permanently.

    • It's hard. We ended over a stupid argument and now it's ruined. I'm so angry!

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  • I think you should completely cut off all contact with your ex to prevent you from seeing stuff like this. Delete him from all social media and everything. It's the best way to move on.

    My take on this is basically he seems like a d*ckhead. Why is he putting pictures of his texts to other girls on Instagram? It seems like such a d*ck thing to do. You're probably better off without him.

    • He didn't put it up... the girl he's texting this to put it up :( and she's the one that did all the hashtags in the other picture. Is he actually talking about having sex with her... tonight or in future? And you're right, he is a dick :(

    • Oh right okay, either way I think you should block her too so you don't see this in the future. It doesn't seem like he's talking about having sex with her, in my opinion. But don't dwell too much on this because you deserve better than him and you'll find someone better than him.

    • The bit where he said about sh*gging cats and then saying he 'totally would' was him saying that he'd totally have sex with her. That's why he commented in the other picture saying that 'everyone will know now' :( thank you though, I guess you're right :/

  • Well to be honest only a moron would post this on the internet (his screen shot text) personally if a guy I liked did this, I wouldn't be having sex with him lol. But I know it sucks to see that he's flirting etc. Just remember that you will move on and he'll only be a distant memory x

    • He didn't post it. The girl he's messaging posted it and she tagged him... that's how I ended up seeing it :/ I hope so. Wish I could move on as quickly as he's moved on from me.

  • Listen here beautiful trust me just shrug Jim off your shoulder , there's plenty others in the sea and honestly from my point of view I believe he posted that on the internet so you can see it to hurt you because he is hurt from the broken relationship (I did that before ) . but since he posted that about "sex and girls" fuck him. You win some and lose some. You will find a better understanding guy who is better than that douche.

    • It wasn't him that posted it though, it was the girl he's texting these things to that posted it on her Instagram and tagged him :( thank you... I guess you're right. I'm just so hurt he seems to have moved on so fast!

  • Best advantage Cebu can give is time heals all wounds trust me you should delete him from your life and focus on yourself all that he is doing seems a bit much he could be hoping that you would be watching him

    • Thank you. I know. This girl though is like a replica of me. Big dark eyes, dark hair and pale skin. She's prettier too. I'm not sure... only a week ago we were talking and flirting a little bit, and now I see him away on a night out with this other girl. It's just heart breaking :(

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    • The other girl was a social media hoe even though he and I were very similar in appearance and name she was the complete opposite of me at least that was the conclusion I came to through observation. Honestly you'll feel better give yourself time and keep busy doing things you want to do.

    • Oh, funny that. Your situation is pretty similar to mine. This girl is a social media hoe too. Always got loads of photos of herself with other guys (her 'friends') never photos of her with her girlfriends. Oh and not to mention she leaves her seven year old son with her mum or her ex most weekends so she can go out and party... at the age of 25. But yeah, I'll keep myself busy :) I'm sure there'll be a point when he makes a mess and begins to miss me.

  • I don t know really, but it s better for you to not stalk him anymore.
    Makes it easier to move on.
    Go out tonight with your friends and have some fun :)

    • I still wanna know though because we still talk at times and I don't really want to end up getting played by him :(

    • What do you mean tou still talk?
      And don t want to be played by him?
      You re done now. You might stay friends afterwards but that s it.
      Don t hope for more nor fool yourself for more and tou won t get played by him.

    • He's been flirting with me a bit recently. And no, we won't stay friends after just reading that...

  • Their conversation was lame. Ignore your ex, he is not worth your time to think about. Ignore everything about him, because if you keep thinking about it will only hurt you. Go find someone else, you will feel so much better.


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