Girls would you prefer to be dm'd on Instagram or messaged on Facebook?

Im asking this question as there s a girl that I like her and we've both seen each other On a couple of occasions although we've never spoke. However due to her not knowing me what would she prefer a "stranger" to message her on. Instagram gets a lot of stick for guys messaging girls just for their looks but Im not keen on Facebook but which ever one the average girls recieves better works for me. Thankd and it would be nice if I could some girls opinion on this by the way and Im 16. Thanks everyone
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  • I'D prefer facebook

    • See I agree but I'm a bit weary of messaging her on Facebook as I only came across her name on Facebook by chance. So Im wondering if she would find it weird if I send her a friend request. Especially as we have no mutual friends. By the way thank you for your contribution.

    • I don't think she'd find the friend request odd. The worst she could do is reject it. Just go for it dude

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