Is there a way to save a bad date?

i really apreciate it, if you end up reading everything

Honestly I don't think the date went that bad. We've been together for a bit over 4 hours. I think if she wasn't feeling me she would have cut the date short. But I def know my mistake. Basically we met for drinks, I think we had good conversation, went to grab something to eat, and went back to my place. Wow, she agreed to go my place, things must be going well I thought. It was the first time we met in person by the way. Got to my place, talked a bit more and decided to watch some episode from a series we both know well. So she takes her shoes off, sits on the bed, i sit a bit less then a feet away from her and it hit me - other then our first hug, I haven't touched her at all. Not even on the arm or so, while talking. I just froze when we sat down. I'm really really shy, and this was actually my first date ever, i was really nervous at that point. So we watched an episode or two and just sat there after without taking much. I've missed my opportunity. As soon as she left I realized that I could have said something like 'just get a bit closer' or so. Before she left she said, I don't think there is much of a connection, but we could see each other from time to time, as friends. She also said I didn't do anything wrong or anything. So yeah that's how it went down. I still like to believe that if she really wasn't feeling me she would have just left, or not even come to my place. It was just me not making a move that I think messed things up. At least I learned for any future date. But I hate the fact that I messed this up because I'm so shy and couldn't make a move. She was actually a great girl!

But back to my original question, could I still save this? Maybe if I texted her saying that I really wanted to kiss her, but was too nervous to, would that be a good idea? Is there still something I could say at this point? any deefback is highly appreciated!
does maybe somebody ele have something to say?


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  • Honestly, I don't think YOU could do anything to save it now besides being a good friend. At this point it's up to her whether or not she wants to be more than friends. When you guys hangout at friends, just be really nice and maybe she will change her mind


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  • Yeah you kind of messed up not making a move. Her going back to your place was her giving you the go ahead to make a move. Maybe not full sex, but at least making out or something. So when you don't do anything, in her mind you rejected her as not good enough

    There might be a chance to fix things if she agrees to go out with you again. Just try to be more flirty if she does

    • I know! I'm over here killing myself lol. I haven't texted her yet, in still wondering if I should, or what to say.

      To be honest to, if she ended up in my place again, I would probably be even more nervous:s

    • And thanks for the feedback man

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