Why is he so distant when we're not together?

So I met this guy last weekend at a party, we hit it off and then we hung out a couple days ago for the first time. He is the one who asked me to meet up. It was so strange as soon as he got in my car he leaned in and gave me a quick kiss, I wasn't expecting it at all as this was our second time meeting, I mean we had kissed at the party but that was mostly due to alcohol in our systems. Anyway, we got food and went back to his place and fooled around, barely (I don't want to move too fast). And then we went to his friends house where he introduced me to his buddies, and he never let go of me the whole time. He was either holding my hand, had his arm around me, or his hand in my pocket. We kissed goodnight and agreed to hangout the next day. Well it's been two days and we haven't hung out, which is fine because we've both been busy. But he is so different over the phone. He barely texts me, (usually when a guy is interested in me we text until we see each other next.) And when he does he sends a bunch of messages at once and then after I reply, he gives a short response, or doesn't at all, and then will send a "hey" a few hours later, starting a completely new conversation. It's really frustrating and weird. Could he just be a bad texter? Or is he not interested in really getting to know me?


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  • It's because you haven't let I'm go balls deep yet lol


What Girls Said 1

  • He's just using you girl. Get rid of him.

    • I think you're right.

    • There you go honey. There are plenty of nice looking and good mannered guys out there just waiting. Go get em. :)

    • I don't know if I would say plenty lol

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