Why do girls never feel pretty/beautiful?

Girls seem nuts. With makeup, which majority of women in the west wear, and as long as one is not fat, and weight is the number 1 thing most girls watch, it is really difficult for girls not to look at least attractive.

I don't normally give girls complements on their looks as I'm sure so many are used to it/have heard it before.

But the more I speak to some girls about it the more it become apparent that they are genuinely unhappy with how they look. If a guy complements you on your looks girls, do you automatically feel he's after something rather than being genuine?

Also, why don't girls feel good when it's clear that they're attractive. Like 95% of girls on tinder look good but the same can't be said for guys.

Do girls really feel that unhappy? If so, can girls explain why?
Why do girls never feel pretty/beautiful?
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