I'm so confused and don't know what to do?

There's this guy I really really like and he doesn't know me at all and he's talking to a girl and I'm losing my mind over him. I really, really want him. What do I do?


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  • You should definitely befriend him and talk to him a lot there's no need to wait just go and talk to him and after you've known him, tell him how you feel. Good luck!


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  • Start off as friends, be lite and semi sweet here, dear.
    He may be "Talking to a girl" at that Given moment, however, Nothing etched in stone just yet that they are two birds of a Feather who are sticking together.
    Once he may see you, get to talk to you and know you a bit better, he could change his tweet with the other sweet.
    Introduce yourself and make up something cute that will get his attention, like "Aren't you the guy who perhaps knows one of my guy friends?" Even if it isn't true, at least it is a Good opening to Break the Nice ice and Maybe... Get through.
    You will go crazy until you know for sure where you stand with this man.
    Good luck. xx

    • nice biceps Paris13 :*

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    • Damn, you're gorgeous... someone should help you move that furniture around! ha ha

    • Thank you, @singjesus, many guys have and I moved Them out of my life as I usually do. lolxxoo

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  • Them create an opportunity to interact with him, get to know him before another girl takes him. Tell him how you feel.


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  • Start by approaching him. Introduce yourself to him and talk.


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