Do you agree that sex means more emotionally to girls than guys? Do girls expect more after having sex?

So I've been dating this guy for a month, we do kiss but haven't have sex. He asked me to his place, I would like to but I think I will expect more after we have sex, so I told him that I don't want to sleep with him before we are together.

I really want to sleep with him actually, but I am afraid that what if he leaves me eventually? He's now my date, not my boyfriend, we talk like friends but act like couples. Though he said he's not dating anyone else and he think we are "kind of" in a relationship.

Maybe I just don't feel he likes me very much, so I am not so sure, it's okay to have sex before being together, and I agree that sex is not only benefit to guys but also girls.

How do you think? I need both girls' and guys' opinion.


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  • Don't do it, 9.5 times out of 10 you are going to expect more afterwards. Women deal in emotions heavy, after sex you are most likely going to become more attached to him. I'm sure he is an awesome guy rite now but there is always the possibility that he just wants to screw you. To be on the safe side wait it out, and I know it hard as hell.

    • Hi, thank you for your opinion, you made me feel that I did it right last night. I really want to sleep with him but I finally decide not to and I told him that I want to wait.
      I just think I deserve a guy who could wait and respect me, and won't leave me just because of sex.
      Thank you:)

    • Hey, you are more than welcome. I totally get it! The struggle is real 😐😑
      You most certainly deserve a good guy who will wait and who will respect you. And if worst comes to worst and he is a jerk you can walk away with your dignity and self respect.

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