Are we REALLY "just friends" or is there more?

So, my closest guy friend tells me we are "just friends." His girlfriend of 11 months just broke up with him. Now I'm at his house all the time and we are constantly communicating. He is always super touchy with me and calls me solely to tell me how much he appreciates me. I don't feel like we are "just friends" and I'm definitely falling for him. I don't know what to do...


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  • Hm, been here!!! you honestly just want to weight in, what revealing your feelings will do here.

    If you do tell him that you don't feel like just friends based on the touching and words he uses, he may retract on them and I know since you like him, you enjoy that affection.

    But there is also the fact that as he constantly does this you will continue to have those feelings and him still believing you're "just friends" might end in him getting with someone else down the line.

    My vote... Is to explore the option of you two being more than friends. Two ways to try this... outright tell him! Hey, I really enjoy what we have and being your close friend but I've often wondered what a deeper Connection with you would be like?(something like that lol). Or just go in for the kiss since the physical barrier is often stretched anyway.

    Good luck, hope he doesn't do like my SUPPOSED best friend did and ignore me for revealing my feelings😔.


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  • Try to seduce him. Wear more provocative clothes around him, touch him more, tease him, laugh whenever he attempts to crack a joke etc.
    You can do it.


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  • if he says y'all are just friends, then you gotta take him for his word. i wouldve said go for it if he never stated it.

    • Should I say something about the way he treats me?

    • if you want to. i dont care. i didn't say it to my friend and i regret it. she's still single and all, but we live 1300 miles apart and she transferred after our sophomore year. just understand why you like him.

  • If you like him, take the relationship further, he's making it super easy for you to talk to him.


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