Does this guy like me or am I overthinking it?

So this guy, who I've known for a couple of months through a mutual friend (they are both cousins) started acting a bit flirty with me tonight. Usually he doesn't talk with me much or we'll just have a bit of small talk. But tonight, I noticed that he wanted to sit close to me and made jokes about the fact that I learned German because I "wanted a German boyfriend" which is besides the point and untrue.
He said the same thing several times.

He then goes on to say things like "so... what kind of icecream do you like?" and then "what else do you like?" and I asked him what he meant. Then later on again he asked me "what else do you like?" Some of his jokes were a bit sexual.

Then we got in the car together (my other friend was driving) and he was sitting in the back. I got in the back too and as I got in there, he stretched out his hand to grab mine as I was getting in. We were joking around again in the car. He also seemed to imitiate some of the things that I said and was laughing a lot at the things I was saying.

He usually doesn't act this way around me but today I was surprised as to extent we actually talked together and it did feel like we were flirting.

Does it sound like this guy might be into me or am I just overthinking it?


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  • Another girl believing the ''guys and girls friendship'' illusion.


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  • Sounds like he's into you, obviously.

  • He probably likes you.

    • I mean interested in you becoming his girlfriend kinda like.

    • Alright, thanks for your input :)

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