Is it considered weird to be 21 and never been in a relationship?

Plus, I don't really have many friends. And still a virgin. Is this situation considered abnormal? Plus, is a savings of 3k small? Answer all these questions please!
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  • No, it is considered weird to be 36 and never been in a relationship :(
    Cheer up, you still have time... don't end up like me.

    • Why do you believe you're still single?

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    • As depressing as this information is, I want to hope you're lying.

    • No, it's sad but true, I wouldn't lie about that, I'm very depressed :(

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  • Honestly, I don't consider it weird at all.


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  • That's when I started with both

    • So you had your first relationship at 21? Plus lost your virginity?

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    • Yeah and your still young so don't worry and that's more saved then I had then so keep up the good work

    • Thanks

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