She likes both of us? What to do about that?

My crush and I had a really heart to heart conversation the other day. Long story short, we have become amazing friends over the past year. We consider each other best friends. A couple of days ago we told each other, in person, that we have feelings for each other more than friends. Then we talked about her dating other guys and how she also likes this other guy.

I asked her now what happens and we don't know what happens next because she now lives in a different state..

What is supposed to happen next? Distance not only kills relationships but it kills friendships as well.


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  • Distance doesn't kill anything

    • I wonder how you feel on this topic still
      MH is welcome and appreciated

    • We live in the same state now and nothing has happened between us. She still dates other guys and gives me the cold shoulder so I am in the process of getting over her and removing her from my life. It is apparent that she had no intention on ever becoming something

    • It was her not the distance. Something to keep in mind

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  • Open relationship?


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