There's a girl I like, but sounds like she's fighting with her boyfriend. should I even try or stay away?

There's a girl I like I've liked her for a couple of months haven't really talked to her that much so I'm going off looks "pig I know..." But when I do talk to her she's fun and witty. She keeps staring at me, smiling and if I'm laughing she laughs also probably because I keep looking at her.

but I over heard her on her phone telling her I'm guessing boyfriend to "back off a bit you're just pushing me away" she seemed said after but talking to me a bit with my Harley Quinn like mind got her to smile.

now I don't know when or if I should ever talk to her, she has a guy and I don't want to cross the line an mess up a already strained relationship, but I do like her.

what should I do leave it be or follow my heart? How would I go about talking to her, if I put my mind to it I can talk to girls but I tend to stutter, shake and get a terrible pounding in my chest but if I can get what I want to say out I don't have a problem. I haven't really talk to a girl I liked in a year.


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  • Follow her heart say if you don't mind me asking what is going on with you and your boyfriend. Then if she tells you then you must of gained her trust. Don't make any moves until she has broken up with him and little time has passed. But you could say well if I was your boyfriend...


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  • Don't be a douche bag girlfriend stealer. Respect their relationship and stay away.

    • Hear hear!

    • @Lilloi I don't know most men try to go after girls in relationships you guys sound like the type :p

    • That we're not - I'm not going after unstable relationships to get the girl, and I'd say most guys don't. Still, I'm not "most guys", and neither are probably you.

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