Am I reading too much into this or could he have feelings for me?

I've been friends with this guy for years (we went to highschool together). For the past few years we have lived in different towns several hours away from each other. We always make an effort to stay in touch when we see each other in person, and we text every few months.

I have noticed that lately he has been treating me a little differently. For example, we never used to text that often (maybe just a "Hey, how have you been lately?") every once in a while, but now I have noticed that he has started initiating conversations by text quite often. He has also started complimenting me too in subtle ways. For example, I made a joke about how annoying I must be to my brother at times, and he replied "you could never be annoying! That's not possible :)".

He also went on a trip overseas a few days ago, and I got another text from him asking how I was while he was there. I was really surprised because I thought he'd be too busy on his holiday to text me. And like I said, he normally isn't this chatty.

why is he acting so differently?


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