He said don't worry. But honestly, do I have a reason to?

(I'm 19 turning 20 boyfriend 35 which is why I have a complex about what I did) So over the last two months my friend and I prank called my boyfriend who lives in another country (Long distance) Everything has worked out perf so far we talk every day , only once in a while a day or two will go by where we don't here from eachother when we are apart. However I thought it would be funny to give up it was me behind it because I wanted it to be a playful cute thing. (He went along wih it and would laugh so I thought it was all good). When I gave up it was me he wasn't really amused but he told me why. Basically people tormented him in the past with it amongst other things. I felt so bad and apologized twice by text message and he told me "Dont worry" twice. I called also but he didn't answer so I left a voice mail. I sounded like an idiot at the end almost crying sounding emotional. Thats when he sent me the second dont worry by text. Then after I texted him saying "Can I call you, I want to hear your voice." Clearly he would have answered the phone if he wanted to talk. I feel so fucking stupid. He's older than me so I tend to over analyze everything. What I did was really childish and he tried to re assure me saying dont worry but I still am. Reason why, The whole day went by and I havn't heard from him (this happened last night). The has happend before but no more than three days would go by before one of us would reach out to eachother (Sometimes him, sometimes me). The thing is i'm worried this changed things. I asked him if I could call him and he didn't answer but right before that he tells me don't worry. It's all very confusing. Sometimes we Skype so I sent him a message there instead of the traditional whatsapp where I would message him and I said something like "Havn't skyped you in while get on here!" I felt it might break some ice so nothing is awkward, I don't know I know I'm sort of rambling but do you guys think I should wait on him to reach out to me at this point? Or if I dont hear from him by tmm should I? And does it seem like I fucked things up? We never really argue it's usually good. Like I said I overanalyze a lot because of the age difference.


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  • Well unless you did something that was humiliating to him then I don't know why you would worry. He's a grown man not a child. Follow his lead and relax. Carry on like all is normal.

    • you seem to have common sense unlike me right now. Quick question, do you think I should be upset that he didn't answer when I asked to call him? I mean it was really late his time... Also a day went by. Do you think I should give him space and wait for him?

    • Give him a little time. I have a hard time seeing how this would get to him. It wouldn't phase me even if I thought it was a little childish, I'd take it as kind of cute. So just ease up a little, it's not a big deal.

    • Made me feel better. Thanks

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