How would you feel if you found out that a guy lied to you about his age?

So I'm still pretty young, about to turn 18, and I feel like my age limits me on the dating scene. People consider me to be pretty good looking and somewhat charming at times, and this leads to a pretty good amount of attention from older girls. I get the feeling that these girls are kinda into me, but don't really want to date or mess around with a younger guy (damn social stigma). The point is, I've considered lying to girls about my age, telling them that I'm like 22-23, but I know that is eventually have to tell them the truth. If a guy you like told you that they were younger than you thought, how would you react?


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  • Embrace your young age and avoid lying. It will only be brought up later or you"ll slip and have to think on how old you said you were. Be wise my grasshopper!

    • But older girls are so much hotter than girls my age...

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    • That sounds reasonable but it still presents a problem if there is a direct question. I'm usually pretty mature for my age (at least in public), but even so, no matter how you act I feel as though a girl will see you as a kid because of your age. Tell me I'm wrong here

    • You're wrong haha

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  • I'd be pissed that he lied. I could deal with dating a younger guy, but not if he lied.

  • So tell me, how are you about to turn 18 if you're registered as 16?

    Best not to lie. Be honest about your age.

    • Put 1998 instead of 1997 by accident. No way to change it. I turn 18 in December by the way

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    • Well even if I act mature and sweet with an older girl, if I tell them I'm 18 they'll just see me as a kid, despite the fact that my demeanor suggests otherwise.

    • Still doesn't mean you should lie.

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